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Conversations That Matter

Why you should definitely compare.

June 14, 2017

Sometimes, I jump in there and stir the pot. Here I am again…asking you to to let me ramble on about a word or an idea. But, I think you’re used to trusting me more and I’m getting a little more used to not fearing your reactions. So….. let’s talk. I ALWAYS COMPARE I always […]

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One Busy Mom's Thoughts On...

Summer Screen-time Limits.

June 13, 2017

Ahh. Summertime. We homeschool. You probably knew that by now. So, basically summer means….nothing. Ha. My kids are with me all the time. I think I have settled into that fact.  In all honesty, at some point I got over the constant fantasy that I’d experience 8-3pm M-F without kids. Some days, it just sounds […]

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Cooking at Home

Scott’s Salmon Tacos

June 7, 2017

Anyone that knows us, loves and appreciates the fact that my husband can cook. Seriously, cook!  He whipped up some fish tacos for lunch but they were so unique and delightful, I couldn’t help but share.  He’s not a “recipe cook” and doesn’t measure anything so………I’ll do my best to detail it out for you.  […]

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