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Conversations That Matter

When Your Kids Have to Wipe Your Tears

January 14, 2018

There I was curled up in the chair, tears streaming down. A certain five year old came, cupped my face and said, “It’s ok, Mommy.” She ran for a box of tissues and emptied it one by one on my lap. The tears flowed seamlessly for awhile as she sat and wrapped her Kindergarten arms around […]

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The problem with January 11th (Do moms even get to have resolutions?)

January 12, 2018

  One of my goals two years ago was to revamp my morning routine. I was going to win my day by getting up early, enjoying the quiet, having a shower before any little ones could wake me up with a “Mommy, Mommy.” So I did all the right things. Made my list and checked […]

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Conversations That Matter

Why resolutions never work.

January 9, 2018

Resolutions never work. Ok, I guess that’s a gross generalization. Resolutions rarely work. Why? Change doesn’t care about the calendar. Change is an inside job. There is absolutely nothing magical about January 1st. You can start every morning knowing that something could change- if you wanted it to, whether it is January 1st or 17th or […]

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This Thing Called Home (the book)

That one time I gave Joanna Gaines a copy of my book…

January 7, 2018

Here’s the story. On Saturday I went to Magnolia and I was just a regular shopper. The weather was perfect, the whole place absolutely as charming as you might expect. Then, I saw it. The perfect special something for me to buy. I almost choked up it was so sweet. It is a small roll of […]

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