35 Ways to Survive a Tough Year

35 ways to survive a tough year.

  1. Drink water & take your vitamins. No sense in getting dehydrated on a bad day. 
  2. Read a book. It gives your brain the best distraction from hard stuff. 
  3. Be silent if you must. You never regret words you didn’t say or taking the time you need to say it well. 
  4. Make a gratitude list. Your worst day still has plenty of stuff to be thankful for. 
  5. Being loved by a few good people is enough. Be at peace with this. And when this feels overwhelming, get back to being at peace with this fact. 
  6. Cook something complicated but delightful and enjoy every bite. 
  7. Find music that makes you happy. Play it when you need it. Play it again and again until it’s really in your head. Sing it out-loud too. 
  8. It’s ok for your kids to see you cry. It’s just completely ok. Don’t even worry about this. Ever. 
  9. Do something nice for somebody else: drop off a meal, grab an extra Starbucks, write a note and pop it in the mail. Stop making life all about you, even if your day stunk. Life isn’t all about you. 
  10. Go for a walk. Go for a drive. Look around. Notice things. The world is masterfully created. 
  11. You may as well move forward. That’s all you’ve got left at this point. 
  12. Ask for help from a professional and don’t even think twice- take their advice verbatim. Verbatim. 
  13. Call a friend and overshare what’s going on. Smile when you hang up. You’re loved by many. 
  14. Walk around Target for no reason. I don’t know why, it just helps. 
  15. Pray good, honest and right prayers. Everyday. 
  16. Let go of everything you can’t control. If you get snippy and cranky, let go some more. 
  17. Figure out how to talk to yourself. Mostly, be kind. 
  18. Ignore the past and future for the most part and just rock today. 
  19. Be exceptionally nice to strangers. 
  20. Go on dates with your husband. Laugh, hold hands, you know- just enjoy being together. 
  21. Don’t try to solve anything. It’s not your job. Stay in your lane. 
  22. Keep up with your laundry and dishes. Just do it. Bottom-line: everyone still has to eat and get dressed. Life goes on. 
  23. If there’s anything you can say no to- do that. An overcrowded schedule can weigh on a grieving heart. 
  24. Brain dump on a real piece of paper. It totally works. 
  25. Draw strength from a handful of people who are mature and available to be there for you in this season. All the other friendships can wait until later. 
  26. Spend time playing with your kids. A lot. And try to remember they are never a distraction. 
  27. Watch your sugar intake. It can make you crazy. It’s true. You don’t need help being crazy- you’re in survival mode. 
  28. Take days to lay low and stay home. Don’t feel guilty. Cancel everything. 
  29. Hold fast to good words- things people say, scriptures and sweet stories, notes and texts. 
  30. Resist the temptation to be rude or ugly. Don’t take these opportunities. Deal with your feelings so you can be nice. 
  31. You’ll probably wonder when things will get better or easier. Don’t. Just be awesome today and let God work the rest out. 
  32. If you ever had any ounce of faith, you may as well use it. You don’t have anything to lose. What if God has a really good plan in this? You’ll be proud of all the faith you used to wait and see. 
  33. Chocolate. 
  34. Just know that you have choices. You can love instead of hate. Be kind instead of rude. You can endure instead of quit. You can make good, right choices no matter what else is going on around you. 
  35. Decide that even if it never gets better or if nothing turned out the way you thought, life is still worth living and you still matter. 

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