A Family Debut

Since I plan to talk about home, family, and motherhood I decided to give you a few fun details. Our families are the people that see us everyday, at our best and worst and everything in between. We love them, we would lay our life down for them, but also realize that they are growing and ever-changing.

One day this whole parenting small children thing will be left to memories. This is just a season.  I wonder if one day I will look back and miss all of this.

Scott Sailer is a great husband.

He’s a serial entrepreneur, creative thinker, a decisive leader, and the most likeable person.  He loves interior design, fashion design, anything design and is a self-prescribed foodie.  He plays a mean game of racquetball and loves being a discipleship-motivated Business Owner.  He’s slightly more outdoorsy than his wife and loves his beautiful home state of Washington in the Pacific Northwest.


Sophia (9)- Sophia Lane has leadership skills. She studies classical music and loves literature.  She’s the smartest 9 year old we know and loves to talk to adults.  She’s also learning to bake.

Isabella (7)- Isabella Kayt is the sweetest young lady.  She spends most of her free time talking about fashion and art and can always be found coloring or making something.  She adores her baby sister and baby brother and can’t wait to be a mommy when she grows up.

Brielle (4)- Brielle Angelis must have a big funny bone.  Her tiny little voice is always telling jokes, pulling pranks, and begging for toys (please stop).  She’s gotten really good at putting on her own clothes and is the pickiest eater in the world.

Liam (2)- Liam Scott is obsessed with his daddy, all things football, and food- in general.  He loves the outdoors and can be found sliding head first down any slide.  He’s the surprise book-end that truly completes the Sailer family.

These are the people that I get to love everyday.

They are the hardest privilege I have ever loved. 

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  1. Devi Titus says:

    And I get to be this family’s Mimi. My awesome daughter’s daughter is Brooke, her first born. I will enjoy your blog journey…I’m planning on learning a few things. (Wink)

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