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Friends, let me introduce you to my childhood friend Ariel Tyson. Her book “Chase the Roar” hits Amazon today and is already topping the best-selling charts in Parenting and Spiritual Growth.

You can never go wrong when you say yes to sharing your faith story with the world. Thanks, Ariel, for sharing an exclusive excerpt from your new book.

We’re all so proud of you.

xo Brooke

From Ariel Tyson, wife, Mom to 5 and pastor’s wife.

Brooke has been a friend of mine for quite some time. In fact, we have known each other since I was in middle school so she’s seen some rough stages for me!

I had been considering writing a book for several years and had recently been so overwhelmed with excitement by the specific idea for the book. At this same time, Brooke shared the informative post about her writing experience and the exact program she followed and I was hooked! I jumped right in and began following it and writing any time I had the chance. I am so grateful for the opportunity Brooke gave me today to share this part of my book from Chapter 3.

From Chase the Roar

“Moves are hard. Moves will always be hard. The hardest part of moving for me is the fear of the unknown. Leaving good friends behind to pursue new friendships, giving up a financial position that is secure for one that isn’t, giving up one goal for the pursuit of another. All hard and scary things.

Our move from Georgia to Raleigh, North Carolina was brutal. We were taking a step of faith to help plant a church with another family we met in Georgia, only with minimal income, a new baby on the way, and just a few friends in a city we had only visited once.

Raleigh was a hard and complicated task, but one to which God called us, even though it wasn’t easy. Because Michael made a very small salary of $500 a month from his ministry position, he took on a few odd jobs, all while starting his own landscaping business.

The landscaping business did well, but at one point, he was working five different jobs while I worked as an online counseling professor. Even with all our efforts, we were barely able to make ends meet. Meanwhile, we were blessed with several sweet little ones very close in age. Our first two boys were born within fourteen months of one another, creating even more chaos and love in the midst of ministry and hard work. We were happy, but we were overwhelmed.

I’m sure, like me, many of you have experienced this same feelings of being overwhelmed, whether it comes from a move, children, marriage problems, family issues, health concerns, etc.

Dealing with this and coming out successful seemed nearly impossible at the time, but by focusing on the priorities in our lives, we were able to navigate these challenges, one at a time, rather than looking at them as a whole and feeling wrecked by the pressure.

That is exactly how we’ve learned to overcome all of these types of challenges in our lives. By setting priorities of what matters the most to our family or what is needed for us to survive and then proceeding from there.

  • Rather than focusing on our lack of income, we focused on what we did have and what we could do with that.
  • Rather than focusing on the lack of time we had with my husband, we focused on the way he was taking care of our family and that it was “just a season”.
  • Rather than focusing on raising babies close in age without family around and the stress that comes with that, we focused on the beauty of having these sweet little ones to raise and to just do the best we could.

I hope this comes as some sort of encouragement to you! I’d love for you to check out my book Chase the Roar for more of this. Click here for Chase the Roar on Amazon

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This is my favorite thing you shared: we were able to navigate these challenges, one at a time, rather than looking at them as a whole and feeling wrecked by the pressure.

How many times does all of life feel like too much? And altogether, it is. But breaking it down, challenge by challenge, you’re right- the pressure begins to dissipate. That is hope.

So much love,


Check out Chase the Roar on Amazon

Brooke’s review of Chase the Roar

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  1. Rachel says:

    What a beautiful perspective! Thank you.

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