What’s this book all about?

What is this book all about anyway?

I’m so glad you asked! Let me break it down for you.

It’s such a quick read, you’ll forget it’s a book.

This book is broken into three parts and I purposefully left it brief. This isn’t a textbook, a handbook, or even an all encompassing manual. It’s thin enough to throw into your diaper bag with short enough chapters to tackle during one breastfeeding session or during your little one’s 30 minute nap. Busy moms rarely have time to read and I get that.

The Bonus Content in the back is for remembering what you read and putting some action steps to it moving forward. This isn’t intense, it’s a conversation between the two of us about home, a little journey from failing to thriving…that’s all. 

Here’s what you can expect, friend…

Part One: Changing the Narrative

Chapter 1. Failing
I grab you by the heart, “Are you feeling like a failure?” Oh, gosh, me too. Failing is the start of every horrible assumption that has been holding you back, my gut-wrenching pep-talk and a charge to push you forward- reconsidering everything you ever thought about home. 

Chapter 2. It’s All In Your Head
For the surviving young mom, there is no place to start but in your head. What are you telling yourself and how is it holding you back?It’s All In Your Head argues for a new way of thinking called: growth. I even break down the common things moms say and ideas for what you can replace that with using a self-awareness chart.

Part Two: Embracing Possibilities

Chapter 3. Why Home Matters
Why should I even care? Mmmhmm, nope. I’m right there in Why Home Matters begging you to see why home is so part of your very being, you days, and your health. I talk all about your whole entire life since it can’t be separated from home. I grapple with a few myths too.

Chapter 4. You Got The Job
Well, unfortunately, it kind of looks like work. Seeing your motherhood as a job might propel you forward to see the skills you actually need to thrive. You Got The Job is part job description, part definition of training, practicing and success with a side of “every home looks different”.

Chapter 5. The Solution
Now that I’ve completely convinced you there is problem with how you talk to yourself, how you view this work, and how you accept survival-mode as your best…it’s about time I present some solutions. The Solution bullet points five key concepts with actionable steps to get you pointed in the right direction. Problems are so a thing of the past.

Part Three: Remaking Home

Chapter 6. Start Here
Are you breathing a little lighter? I’ve convinced you completely that doing home and life well is possible. But, at this point you still need me to give more ideas on where to start. For all the planners to non-planners and everyone in between, I lay out defining your values and purpose, and then, follow up with all the really practical mom stuff: some chores, meals, and cleaning.

Chapter 7. Throw It Out
I break this down as simple as I can. Home has got to be re-done, undone, and right for you. What should I keep and where do I put it? Yep, I cover all that and some ideas on the real problem. (Do you have too much stuff? Maybe.)

Chapter 8. Put Your Home In Order
I have a little three step system to putting your whole home in order. That’s right- it’s a lot. But, you know what? It’s all so very worth it and not as hard as it seems. I even take you room by room and give some ideas for getting it done with kids at home. You totally got this.

Chapter 9. Where Do You Want To Go?
After saying all of that and taking you all the way to here- I can’t imagine leaving you now. I wrap it up with tons of gusto. I make some really important distinctions between training and loving, goals and desires. I remind you of everything I’ve covered and make you feel more capable than you ever have before. It’s not a loose motivational speech, it’s a truth bomb chapter- full of all the real stuff that actually helps you.

Bonus Content:Ready to Change:

A Thought Provoking Journey From Reading To Doing

The Bonus Content begins with journal questions and space to write, all categorized by sections in the book. I follow that up by going room by room with you and giving a place to jot down what’s happening in your own rooms. One of the most helpful resources is a chart for identifying self-talk and suggestions for replacing negative thoughts. Want to go deeper? It’s all here for you, as simple as can be.

Alright, there you have it! This is exactly what the book is and I hope you’ll love it. To read 131 reviews, peruse the Amazon listing, or simply buy it: click here! Buy the Book

If you’ve read it and love it, drop me a comment and let me know!

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