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Simple Shelf Styling

January 4, 2019

Hey hey. Welcome to 2019! So glad you’re here. I gave myself permission to walk away from consistent blog posting last year. “We can’t do everything and do it well”, my friend Lara Casey always says and finally, I took her advice. With my heart fully devoted to writing and launching my second book, it […]

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A Complete Thanksgiving Meal Plan

October 29, 2018

Hi friends, I know holidays can be stressful. If you are planning to cook and host Thanksgiving, this post is for you. If you’ll be the one eating pie and watching football, we still love you but this post is not for you. Here’s what to expect:  My favorite, unique menu suggestions for Thanksgiving breakfast, […]

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The problem with January 11th (Do moms even get to have resolutions?)

January 12, 2018

  One of my goals two years ago was to revamp my morning routine. I was going to win my day by getting up early, enjoying the quiet, having a shower before any little ones could wake me up with a “Mommy, Mommy.” So I did all the right things. Made my list and checked […]

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Holiday Glam Guide

November 11, 2017

Here are three steps to achieving the best Holiday Glam Look: 1. Buy the dress. 2. Buy the heels. 3. Have fun! In all seriousness, Scott and I got dressed up and went out a few weeks ago and I had no idea how much I would love it. Here are a few of my […]

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Holiday Gift Guide

November 10, 2017

And now I present to you… (drumroll please)  My 2017 Holiday Gift Guide  I’ll take one of each, please.  UGG house shoes (slippers with hard soles) perfect for too much time in the kitchen (my floors get sooo cold!) or walking to the mailbox. The hard soles are just enough but not too much. So […]

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The Daylight Savings Mom Hack

November 5, 2017

First of all. I’m sorry I’m posting this today when it’s too late to use this advice. I am going to suggest for you at the end how to do bedtime tonight so you can get back on track. Overall, it could feel like I’m being unsympathetic when we all know that time changes for […]

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