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At this point, everything is everywhere. Crafts. School supplies. Laundry. Dishes. I’m usually Team Clean, but this quarantine has me Team Clutter all the way. Some days in between zoom calls and homeschool, I’ve been able to squeeze in a little tidying up and that is giving me life.

Do you think kids create better in a tidy space? I have no idea if they do, I’ve just been wondering about it. Anyhow, if you have a room is your home that is a total bust…why not turn it into a craft room?

My friend Kristen is crafty and has some sweet and busy girls that are too. Her dining room was kinda a catch-all room ( a lot of people’s are) so my idea was to make it a homework/homeschool/craft room instead. I mean, they already had sufficient eating space in the kitchen so why not turn the dining room into something useful?

I always start with a mood board. I HAVE TO. It helps me to gather my ideas. And I usually try a bunch of options before I land on what I think will work best.


Folding tables work great in a pinch. I have a bunch and I use them for garage sales, parties, holidays, etc. Exactly how it’s being used here, I do this too. Folding tables are perfect for a funny spot that has no furniture yet. Ideal for slime obsessed crafty girls, lego building boys, or puzzle building families. (Enough about my obsession with folding tables.)


  1. How do I want to use this room?
  2. What kind of memories do I want to make here?
  3. Should my furniture be an investment or a temporary solution?
  4. What kinds of items will need to be organized or stored?
  5. What’s my budget?
  6. Do I have any furniture in my house currently I want to use in this space?

Our answers were:

1. Not needed as a dining room. What about crafts and school?

2. Let’s make memories in this project space with siblings and friends.

3. Temporary solution. Also, we don’t want to spend much because what if we paint or drop slime or play dough? It shouldn’t matter too much.

4. Lots of craft supplies.

5. Less than $1000 total.

6. Yep! This family had a large scrapbooking cabinet that opened to a desk that could be used.

Paint color: Seagull Gray by Behr

I purchased these peg board from IKEA. We hung four in a square partly to fill the wall visually, but also for storing office supplies.

These metal carts are great for each kid to store their own art supplies. They are inexpensive and can be moved around the room or pulled up to the table.

The black and white stripe rug is an outdoor rug. My thought process was that if you got paint or slime on it, it would be simple to hose it off outside, let it dry and then put it back. Outdoor fabrics like Sunbrella or materials in rugs made for a patio are made to withstand wear and wet conditions. It works in a playroom space too (if it’s not too scratchy to touch). The company Ruggable makes a washable rug that can be put in your washing machine which is also super cool.

Get 15% off your Ruggable purchase with the code FUNBROOKESAILER

I put a Ruggable rug in my kitchen, because (hello spills) it is non-toxic, non-slip, and stain resistant. My girls quickly stole it out of the kitchen and put it in our craft room. It is currently covered in slime and glitter, as it should be.

In a different home, my friend wanted a spot for her sewing. We ripped out the closet and created this nook for her to sit and craft freely. She loved the pegboard idea so I repeated that design here. Since that was extra wall space, I added the shelf for even more storage.


Brimming with possibility this closet is about to be transformed!

TADA! I love that we made a little extra space out of nothing.


Because this was a guest bedroom and attic expansion was going to be giving this family additional storage, the closet simply wasn’t necessary. I love how the grays and pinks tied in with the soft colors of the rug. (On the other side of the room you’ll find adequate guest room sleeping space.)

Each of these projects made all of my artsy dreams come true. Now if I could just get my kitchen table cleaned off long enough to enjoy my own artful whims…hmmm….


All the best,



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