Fall Capsule Wardrobe

So, I have a question for you. Are you a planner or more spontaneous? I don’t know if this surprises you or not, but I am really (and I mean, REALLY) spontaneous. I think as I get older, I find myself trusting my gut when it comes to adapting plans on the fly much more often than sticking to the original plan. Whether that means trusting my creativity or deciding to order pizza last minute, I’m here for it. When it comes to getting dressed, I never set out my clothes the night before. But, I won’t lie. I don’t like not knowing what feels good put together as an outfit. So how do I manage? I plan my outfits seasonally then spontaneously decide which one to throw on. Brownie points if I end up with items that coordinate so I can mix and match endlessly.

Here’s what I found at Walmart to get me through fall. Two cute plaid shirts and black pants are the base. Then, I started mixing it up with jackets and shoes. I’m loving this casual combo of items! I was searching high and low for a rain jacket that was both affordable and cute (hello, adorable leopard lining!) and on my way to grab some milk and eggs, it was hanging right on the aisle and it’s cuteness stopped me in my tracks. You guessed it, I made it home with a rain jacket, milk and eggs. I can’t believe I didn’t own a single rain jacket. I kinda worry I’ll be wearing it everyday HA.

Anyhow, enjoy these fun Walmart fashion finds and drop me a comment to let me know what you think!


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