I wrote a book and yes, it’s for every woman.

Here’s the thing.

I needed it. I needed this book.

I needed a certain kind of help so that I could stop failing at the home stuff.

I looked everywhere and I couldn’t find it. I started teaching myself this stuff and when I opened up to talk to other ladies about it…it wasn’t anything they had heard before. I was on to something.

This isn’t another put this here and that there organizational help guide. This is an all-out “What am I telling myself?” catharsis of sorts. I started by re-framing what was possible and evaluating what I was thinking.

Then, the book was born out of my internal struggle. 

I wrote it because I needed it for myself and it didn’t exist. Plain and simple. I needed it for me.

I was saying these things:

  • I’m failing.
  • I can’t.
  • I don’t know how.
  • What do I do now?
  • Why is everyone else so talented?

I was the one asking myself these questions. (I found the answers, by the way.)

And go figure, wouldn’t you know that out of 89 million moms in America today, the number one thing we tell ourselves is, “I’m failing”? Well, I had NO IDEA I was in such good company. Big shout-out to all the moms who feel like failures. Not alone.

Readers said I changed their life. 

CRAZY! That blew my mind!  The hundreds of readers that can relate to feeling like a failure at home and wanted to change the story they were telling themselves alongside me, read my book and did it……

Well………What can I say????

That is what has made this experience shockingly amazing, beautiful, and downright sacred.

Did you know out of over a hundred readers, around 90% claimed that the book was “life-changing”? I didn’t even give them a multiple choice or put that phrase in their head. I asked for an honest review. An HONEST review. I couldn’t believe it.

I would never make that claim.

I would never say, “Buy my book, it’s life-changing.” If you want something to change, you would make those choices as a result. I won’t say it’s life-changing even now. Change happens on the inside.

I will say that the goal was to give you the tools and the new narrative so that you could be thriving if you were failing or you could put things into order if chaos was your norm.

I will say as well, very candidly, we opened ourselves up for reader feedback of any kind. (Any being the key word.) We beta-tested. We collaborated. We submitted it to mentors and friends. We (the hubby and I) were happy to say, “Actually, it’s not as good as we think it is. It needs some work.”  Then, I would step back and give it time, prayer and extra effort before pulling the (print) trigger.

But, that didn’t happen.

We got hundreds and hundreds of “How do I ever thank you? You changed my life.” I heard from a husband just last week that said, “Your influence has changed my wife and our home and I’m benefiting. Thank you.” It shocked me. I cried a lot. I was afraid to write a book and I had to be really brave. It was born out of internal struggle, after all.

I still don’t know how to deal with that because I am completely to this day the one with the pen and paper, wanting to change the world, but afraid that it’s too hard or not possible or that nobody wants to hear what I have to say.

“Who should read this book?” people always ask.


Every woman.

I mean, this isn’t a marketing ploy. I asked that same question.

My left brain thought maybe there was a concrete answer. A fact. A number. You know, honest answer.

I had over a hundred women of all ages and stages of life read my book and answer me definitively when I asked, “Is this book for all women?” I took it to older empty-nesters, I took to single women, women with many kids or none at all, stay-at-home moms and work-at-home moms. I covered every base I could think of and just asked.

“This book was for me,” they said in every demographic at a response rate of 100%.

It wasn’t just a book for a certain age or stage of life. There was my answer. They said, “Yes.”


I secretly hoped it was for all women so when the reviews came in, I was beyond thrilled. I wanted that to be true, but I couldn’t answer that question. The ladies answered it for me. It was, it was, it was indeed for every woman.

I’m not trying to convince you of anything, I just hope this helps.


I like to ask a few questions to help the readers decide to buy or not:

  • Embarrassed to ask basic questions about home? (You’re not alone!)
  • Longing to be a good homemaker but not knowing if it’s even possible? (It is! Shocker.)
  • Feeling like a failure amidst chaos and mess? (You’re not, but you might have a few things to learn and redefine.)
  • Looking for motivation and inspiration at home but have no idea where to start? (I have ideas. I have plenty of ideas and I think they are really helping women.)
  • Asking yourself, “Why is everyone so talented at this home stuff? What am I missing here?” (I asked this of myself a bazillion times. Been there. Got a good answer for you.)

If you have any of these questions, I’m being 100% truthful when I say: you really should read this book.

 (This is me on the day I finished the first manuscript!) 

It’s a hopeful book, the women say.  At the very least, you’ll see it as a gift of hope.

I wrote it for me, but I’m really happy to share it, in case you need it too. You’re not alone. 

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