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I know it can be overwhelming to work from home if it’s something you’re not accustomed to doing. So, why not make it pretty? All you need a working chair, desk and a corner to make an office if you don’t have an entire room devoted to your work. (Ok, maybe you need a rug, plant, lamp, bookcase, printer and laptop too!)

I designed a few rooms to help you. And if you’re not feeling creative today, no worries. Copy these room designs to a “T”, shop the items and send me a pic when it’s all done!


Classic/Traditional HomeOffice

Here is a classic design combining white and cognac leather.


Go a bit more modern with a nod to Mid-Century design.


Wait, what, Walmart?

I have this same brass shelf in my office, actually. Would you believe it’s from Walmart? I know you’re taking a double-take and so am I! $129 and I put two side by side since I had the wall space. See? The shelves are glass (not plastic) and well made. Turned out pretty, right? (#notanad)

This office sits at the backside of my master bedroom. I actually enjoy having my chair face the window. When the sunlight pours in, I get so excited. (Cheap thrills these days, people.)




You don’t have to break the bank to find what you need. Here are some good, best-selling products that will make a wonderful home office.


Does your office look yucky right now? Girl, not a problem. Pump up the music, clear the space and let’s reimagine it. Email me for current e-design consultation pricing. I’ll tell you exactly what to buy by providing the online shopping links and promise to do my best to stay within your budget. I create a mood board and then you get to bring it to life with my remote tips + guidance.



Funny story…I actually ordered 1/10 of the tile we needed. When it arrived, we had a good laugh in her driveway. It didn’t seem like enough tile and MY BAD, it wasn’t. The amount of tile I ordered was enough for this square in the middle of room. Haha. Oops. Thankfully, she kept me around after that snafu. 

I truly believe communicating visually through a mood board helps the both of us to clarify the creative vision.

Client Project BEFORE









Client Project AFTER

Goodbye, carpet! Hello, new tile. I also opted to remove the molding. IMO the molding was making a small room look even smaller. I wanted to draw your eye up to the beautiful light fixture. The fan wasn’t necessary in this room, so the light really could become the focal point. Fresh coat of paint: Alabaster by Sherwin Williams and it makes a difference to do this in any room of your house! Fresh paint is always inexpensive and a great idea.

“The vision you created for my office was BEYOND anything I could have ever done! You are AMAZING at what you do and you’re a true blessing to all who are lucky enough to meet you.” –Whitney, homeowner

I don’t know what season you are finding yourself in at the moment. But, consider this my hug.

Day by day, we are making it through! (We don’t always now how, but we are.)

All the best,



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