Home Order Manual

ThisThingCalledHome copy@2x

Hey! Brooke here. Since you’re my new friend,
I have a gift for you. Shh…don’t tell the others, they might get jealous.

  1. I really, really like gifts. This might not be the last time you get a gift from me. It’s true. I’m a crazy over-the-top gift-giver.
  2.  Remember in Part 3 when I gave you a tour of my nursery? I made it a printable for you. Oh, yes I did. And, that’s not all…
  3. I made an entire HOME ORDER manual. Not just for a nursery, but for every room in your house. Complete with explanations and examples. And, I’m giving it to you as a gift.

  4. Sign up to our mailing list below and we’ll send it right over. Print it off, fill it in, and begin. Begin at home.

  5. Done talking now. Go get it. xoxo, Brooke