Kids Holiday Gift Guide

For ages 1-3, here are some favorites.

Wooden Toy blocks: Great for girls or boys. Stack em up, knock em down over and over again. Buy here.

Cupcake Kit: For any aspiring little bakers. Decorate and imagine! Buy here.

Toy clock: Shape sorting and perfect size pieces for tiny hands. Buy here.

See and Spell: Totally cute. These letters easily fit into the cards. Part shape sorter, part flash card, this one is all around great. Buy here.

For ages 4-9

Scrabble: This past year, my kids really got into this game. It surprised me, but hey. That’s great for young spellers! I broke down and got the Scrabble Jr also because my 3 and 5 year old really wanted to participate but needed something at their level. If all else fails, board games are always a good idea. Buy here.

Journal kit: Buy here. Craft tape: Buy here. Endless craft fun.

Wood Animal Coloring Kit: Little adventurers would love these figures. Color, then durable enough to keep and play with. Buy here.

Ukulele: Because we all know enduring the sound of beginners playing instruments is true love and sacrifice. Buy here.

Hard to believe an entire year has gone by, yet here we are. Christmas is right around the corner. Hope you’ve enjoyed my three Holiday Guides.

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