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My girls are the girliest. We play fashion show and “shopping in my closet” all the time.

When they were little, I would write with a sharpie the day of the week: “Monday” or “Tuesday” and put an outfit, panties, hair bow, socks in one gallon ziploc bag. When on vacation, I pull out the bag that coincides with the day.

Now, since they are a bit older and more independent and interested, we set aside time to play fashion show and try on clothes as we pack.

Brielle, age 5, Isabella, age 7, and Sophia, age 9, and I get their suitcases out, unzipped and open. I say something like: “We’re going to the beach for 7 days, pick out your very favorite beach-y outfit and try it on for me!”

Little feet go scurrying to the closet, pick a favorite and come model it for me!

“Love it! So cute! That fits great!” I say.

Then, I proceed…”Take it off and let’s pack it!”

I fold the outfit together so it’s easier to find.

This is what Bella wanted to take: a sporty, casual gray skirt, a lightweight, short sleeve white sweater and a denim jacket.

I fold it together and add in panties, an undershirt and gray cartwheel shorts. The sweater gets wrapped around with all the items tucked it. It’s like a little outfit package.

Then, I pack the clothes vertical so you can pull out an outfit without disturbing the whole suitcase. (I’ll explain later!)

My mother-in-law helped me pack for a big trip to Disney when our kids were younger. She had a brilliant idea and I’ll explain it here.

We took plastic grocery bags. In each bag, I packed a complete outfit for all 4 kids.

That meant, one grocery sack contained:

Kid #1: Shorts, shirt, panties, socks, hair bow (clipped onto shirt so it stayed together).

Kid #2: Shorts, shirt, panties, socks, hair bow.

Kid #3: Shorts, shirt, panties, socks, hair bow.

Kid #4: Shorts, shirt, socks, DIAPER (no bow- he’s a boy!)

Yes, this was all in one bag. I labeled the bag by the activity “Magic Kingdom” or “Disney Springs” or “Road trip from Grandma’s house”. Wow, that made my life easy!! I’ve also labeled things like: “Nice outfits”, “Sporty play clothes”, “For out to dinner”, “Lounging around” rather than by day if I didn’t know what was going on. Make sense?

Fold each kids stuff together as I detailed above so in the bag, you grab out the outfit quickly.

Do this for pajamas too!

One bag: 4 pairs of pjs!

It’s so easy to find when traveling! Especially if you are arriving late, I put the pj bag for that night plus toothbrushes on top of the suitcase and it makes it so simple to just open and take the “get everyone ready for bed” bag. A sharpie on the grocery sack works fine.

I just did this again for us since we left at 7am yesterday and I wanted getting dressed in the morning to go quick and smooth. The kids wake up, we grab the bag and all are dressed in minutes. Bag goes in the trash, done and on the road.

If you use this bag system, you can put the dirty laundry right back in it. This saved my Disney trip and every trip when my kiddos were littlest. 

Our vacation property has a washer and dryer, so I kept it pretty minimal knowing that I could do a load if I needed to.

Happy vacationing, friends!

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