When the kitchen is a mess, I do this first…

This afternoon I took a good look around and the kitchen was exceptionally messy. I wanted to be full of hesitation and excuses but instead I picked coach-y. “You got this,” I tell myself and I jump to it.

I always start with dishes. Sounds simple, right? But, here’s precisely what I do:


My favorite way is to empty the sink by piling dirty dishes on the right (on the countertop next to the sink, not in the sink.)

I start washing. One dish at a time. I go quick and scrub just enough but not so much that I’m obsessed with being thorough. I care more about getting it done quick.

I’m right handed so when I’m finishing rinsing a dish, I transfer it to the left hand and set it on a towel to dry.

When my “to dry and put away” pile gets substantial that I can’t pile any more, I stop, dry and put away. Yet again, I go quick.

I get right back to washing if I’ve paused to dry and put away. I go quick and with gusto until it is done- every dish put away.


I start clearing my counters of any clutter and put back anything out of place. Since the items in my home have a precise place, it is second nature to just put it away. I know where it goes. IF you haven’t designated places for items to live, don’t let this slow you down. Grab a grocery sack and fill it with items to be put away. You can get to that later.

Once counters are clutter free, I wipe down with a wet rag.


Lastly, I do a quick sweep of the floors, empty the dust pan into the trash can and the kitchen should be back in order!

Now, go cook something magical and enjoy your sweet kitchen.




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