Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Reveal

My friend, Kristen, asked me a couple of weeks ago if I could help give her some ideas for decorating her Master Bedroom. She has a beautiful, new home and I jumped at the chance to help.

She has a sweet farmhouse style that’s minimal and clean. So, I wanted to stick with that style in her master. The room is an odd shape, not gonna lie. There are three windows and each are angled strange in the corner as you walk in, so I can see how anyone would be a little stuck.

The first question to answer is, “How do you want to use this space?” That informs so much of my design plan. She had the idea for a comfy sitting area and imagines herself enjoying morning quiet times in a big comfy chair, with a stack of books and journals nearby. That was a great start!

Recently, my friend Callie showed me how to do a mood board and now, I’m hooked. It really does help to see the decor all put together! I’m loving this sweet room already (at least, on paper).

Enjoy shopping the links below. I hope you find something you’d like for your own home! I’m really excited to show the before and after and clue you in on my paint color choices too.

One of my favorite elements of Farmhouse decor is incorporating natural elements: wood and green plants. You can never go wrong bringing natural wood and greenery into any room. Personally, my house is a bit more modern, colorful and eclectic…far from a traditional Farmhouse style. But, when my friend asked me to help her decorate her room, I was excited to choose some fun items to complete the look.

You always want to choose furniture and a paint colors before you start thinking about accessories. But the accessories, in my opinion, take the room from sterile to the ultimate of cozy. Her room before was a golden tan color that was much too warm for her taste (and mine!). I chose Sherwin Williams Light French Gray and a few others to sample. I like choosing two or three and painting a small area in the room to see how it looks in the exact space. Those little paint swatches just don’t do it justice. She ultimately chose the Light French Gray.

Worth noting, the wooden hook is $3. The tray is $5. The curtain rods are soooo good and they’re from Walmart. Wait, what? I just realized last week that HomeGoods (owned by TJMAXX) is selling some items online. And that, my friends, is trouble. Haha. I’m addicted. You’ll see a few HomeGoods items: pillows and vases. Then, I featured two items from a local small shop called Curtis Creation

And I’m a huge fan of letting your unique personality traits shine whether that’s reflected in the bedding you love or simply, you having the confidence to be who you are every day of the week.

Be sure to check out the Modern Farmhouse Bedroom post and see all the furniture I chose for my friend Kristen’s master bedroom. She chose this bed and I thought it was such a great one to work it. It’s simple and timeless, neutral enough that our options felt endless.

Also, keep in mind, this headboard has ten different color choices. Depending on your room, I can see many of these colors being a good fit. I went with the Zuma Pumice. I really like the light gray tone but the texture of it not being opaque. A really close second was Zuma White. Ultimately, I think we made the right choice.

This is going to be me stating the obvious, but this bedding grouping is so different. The dark gray and leather brings a really modern touch. And in a way, it’s much more masculine. What works is the caramel color against the dark gray. I decided at the last minute that this look needed some crisp white. I jumped over to Linens and Hutch and used my own coupon to grab a solid white duvet to pair. Code: brookesailer gets you 30% off any bedding purchase anytime.

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