My Skincare Routine

I had my very first facial on Friday. It was glorious. And, I’m not just saying that. It was so relaxing. Took the opportunity to ask a few questions because, let’s be real…I don’t have great skin. I’ve tried a bunch of different things to manage hormonal breakouts and acne prone skin and y’all, I’m 35 years old. So, if you’re reading this right now…just be assured, if your skin isn’t perfect I’m right there with you.

My friend Janae has been a makeup artist for nine years and is getting her aesthetician license in hopes to provide a wide range of services to her clients. I jumped at the chance to be one of the first to try out her new skills. (Janae, you’re doing amazing! BTW

The verdict: I do not have oily skin (which is typical for acne prone skin), I have dry skin. DRY skin. Wow. I loved learning this. I need to adapt a bit of my skincare routine to accommodate this new found knowledge. And maybe, I shouldn’t wait so long before my next facial…ha.

What I was currently doing with my skin before the facial:

-Gentle Cleanser morning and night. Massage into skin, let sit for a good 2-3 minutes. Rinse with a washcloth.

-Witch Hazel toner on a cotton ball. Wipe across T zone, and spot treat areas that have scaring.

-Moisturizer. Lather on moisturizer, pretty thick and let it soak in. In the mornings, I wait until the moisturizer soaks in before applying makeup.

What Janae recommended during the facial:

-Mostly, what I was doing is pretty darn good actually.

-Go easy on the Witch Hazel, it can dry out your skin. Treat scaring with Vitamin E oil.

-Vitamin C will brighten your skin. Take supplements if needed.

-A better quality moisturizer that is heavier at night.

-A daytime moisturizer with spf. The sun will accentuate the discoloring.

-2-3 times a week, I need to exfoliate. A cleanser with beads massaged into your face works just fine. (I needed to do this more often)

-A mask one time a week (again, just more often). And the charcoal is a great detoxification activator.

Here are the skincare products I’m using, all from Grove. I added in my current favorite home products in case you do want to try out a Grove box this month!

With skincare, you have to be so careful because products do tend to carry lots of toxins and harsh chemicals. And, that’s for sure something I want to steer clear of. You can use the app “Think Dirty” to check the toxicity in the products you’re using. It’s simple because it will read the label and analyze it right away!

***For what it’s worth, I was using Trader Joe’s facial cleanser, Witch Hazel Cucumber toner, and Trader Joe’s moisturizer. I used a Exfoliating Cleanser around once a week and a Charcoal mask once every two weeks or so. I like all of these products, but it was a hassle to make a trip to Target, Trader Joes and order one thing on Amazon just to pick up my skincare products every time I was running low. When I first learned about Grove Collaborative, I perused their site for awhile to figure out what products they sold. When I saw they were carrying my fav skincare products and I could have it delivered to my door with my other household supplies, I was sold. This isn’t an ad, I just got really excited that I didn’t have to drive all over town. If you’re interested in trying out Grove Collaborative, it is a household product delivery service. I love it because it’s not a subscription, there’s no minimum purchase. Grove is offering you a 5 piece free gift just for giving it a try. TRY GROVE


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