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I’m literally counting down the days until Spring Break. Anyone else?

We’re going to drive to Florida from Texas. Hello, 15 hour road trip. But, none the less….super pumped.

I’m looking for some low budget options to spruce up my Spring wardrobe and take me into summer. Here’s what I’m loving.


I was trying to think back to the last time I was in a mall. It turned out to be a year ago. Wow. For real. And besides that, the last time I was at the mall I only scoured the 65% off racks. I’m literally counting back four years since I bought a full price item at a department store.

This was what I splurged on for my big trip to a real mall.

They were far more comfortable than I could have imagined just looking at them. I’m really loving the platform sandal trend when the heel is a reasonable height like it is in this pair.

When’s the last time you went to a mall? Just curious!

For my non-mall shopping self, I typically go to consignment stores, an occasional goodwill, Loft or Loft outlet and of course, plain ole, online shopping.

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