Q: How can a mom choose a simpler lifestyle? And why should she?

Q: How can a mom choose a simpler lifestyle? And why should she?


A: Good question. Big question.


This is what I call a big question with an easy answer. Ready for it? Don’t blink or you’ll miss it. Have less.

That’s it. That’s the simpler lifestyle. Have less. Have less stuff in your home.


Get rid of stuff. If you pare down your belongings by 50% or even 40%, you’re going to feel lighter and life will be simpler. It will be and I’ve never met a mom who regretted eliminating stuff from your space.


Why should you do this? Because, you know what? We are a culture of excess and I think that’s just sad. Chances are, excess is complicating life and you don’t even know it. You have something that you don’t even care that much about and someone else needs it. Share it. Give it. Sell it. Do something other than clutter your house with meaningless stuff.


Just try.

Just try having less, I mean. Just try life with having less stuff and see how it goes. I guarantee, you don’t even know what it feels like and you know what? I think you will be happier. Why? Because happiness is never defined by stuff.

Happiness is an inside job.


I say, identify what feels like the biggest “stuff frustration” at home and tackle that. If toys are the thing that is crazy. If toys have taken over your living room and meandered into every crevice of your house, get rid of some toys. “But my kids play with them all.” No they don’t. They spread them around, they dump them out, they lose them, they break them. They don’t play with all 500 toys. They play with 50 and the rest are just fluff.


Kids grow out of toys just like clothes. You’re done with it? Goodbye. Broken, can’t be fixed? Goodbye. Have duplicates? Goodbye. Not a favorite? Goodbye. Someone else needs it more than you? Goodbye.


Stop keeping too much stuff around and blaming your kids for making messes.

Have less. You can do it and you should. Why? Trust me.

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4 responses to “Q: How can a mom choose a simpler lifestyle? And why should she?”

  1. Brittani says:

    THIS IS SO GOOD. I need to work on this BIG TIME. But it’s so hard. I know this is the solution. Send help! 😉

  2. Kim says:

    So perfect! My favorite part of this season is clearing out space for our new things. There are tons of people who are in need, so we have our 16 toy cubbies and we work together (sometimes), to say goodbye to the old and let the new take their place.

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