Q: What keeps moms from thriving at home?

Q: What keeps moms from thriving at home?


A: It’s really only 2 things: under-skilled or under-resourced.


Thriving is a relative term and I think that’s worth saying. You will have to define success for you. Ask What does that mean for me? And, the definitions vary from woman to woman.


Good questions to ask:

Are the results measurable?

Is this what I intend?

What does a good day look like at home?

What steps can I take to facilitate those days more often?

What can change?

If you can’t answer these questions, you may need help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Some problems can’t be solved and some questions can’t be answered, but let a professional help you sort it out.

If you have growth mindset and a willingness to pursue better outcomes, I think your self-awareness in that is gold. At that point, you are headed in the right direction, on the right track. And, I think any obstacles you face will just be experiments in growth, opportunities to learn and won’t discourage, stall, or set back.

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