Simple Shelf Styling

Hey hey. Welcome to 2019! So glad you’re here.

I gave myself permission to walk away from consistent blog posting last year. “We can’t do everything and do it well”, my friend Lara Casey always says and finally, I took her advice. With my heart fully devoted to writing and launching my second book, it didn’t leave any extra time in my life for blogging.

This year though, I think I’m ready to say I’m gonna give this consistent blogging thing a try. Have you set any goals or resolutions for 2019? I’d love to hear. Drop me a comment and tell me all the things you’re excited about this new year.

We’re about 90% done furnishing our Master Bedroom and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Two days ago, I styled these shelves and it really completes the look.

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know that my home office is positioned at the end of the room in our Master Bedroom It’s a massive space, so the challenge was deciding how we were going to plan it out.

My husband Scott measured, sketched and planned. He came up with the idea to have his and her matching desks facing one another with these shelves against the wall. Of course, a rug offsets the whole space nicely.


My favorite shelving has: 



Interesting sculpture 

Storage boxes

Of course, being an author, I always have books in stock. So as not to completely ruin the pretty look with books, I opted to load them onto one shelf on the lower bottom rack.

I used two large pots to give the top shelf symmetry. It’s one of my favorite design hacks: symmetry. These exact pots I bought at the Magnolia Warehouse Sale for a steal. I’ll link a similar one for ya below.

Then, the other day I stumbled upon an exact match at Target of all places. You better believe I was doing a happy dance because I think the greenery in matching wood pots really makes it all come together.

My only shelf styling “rules” are: 

Leave open space so it’s not cluttered. 

Add green somewhere, alive or faux. 

Contain small items, ie: a box, bin, or basket for a cleaner look. 

This is one of the rare times you’ll see lack of color in our home. But, considering the other side of the room had so much color, I thought a neutral look would be better.

I’m looking forward to replacing the light fixtures and getting one more large rug for under the bed. In terms of a functional room though, I crossed the finish line!

As a mama to four kids, accomplishing anything beyond just parenting feels like a huge win.

Watch me show the whole room on Instagram and come say hi! @brooke_sailer


Shelf: We bought ours from Wayfair, but Walmart is now carrying it at a great price. $129.99 can’t beat it.

*I found similar items if the exact one was not available.

*I made the books with covers torn off and will share that DIY soon. It’s as simple as ripping off the covers of old books from a thrift store or old ones you have lying around and tying with twine.

Cream linen storage boxes: IKEA (four years old and no longer in stock) Same boxes in gray now for sale.

Small Plant, Wood Vase: Target

Large Wood Pots: Magnolia Warehouse is now open daily with the best deals. I paid around $20 per pot. Unfortunately, these scratch and dent items aren’t available online. Here’s a similar one.

White coral: HomeGoods. Similar items on Amazon.

Some cool additional Paulownia Wood decor items:

Wood candle stick

Wood tray

Small wood bud vase

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! It’s my first of many this year (fingers crossed!).

Have you heard the term “limiting beliefs”? It’s when we believe something about ourselves that’s holding us back. I believed for so long that I was bad at photography and graphics so blogging wasn’t a good fit for me, even though I love to write. I’ve been working to eliminate that belief and grow in my photography skills. Never stop learning because I know I’m improving!

If you need help identifying your own limiting beliefs as a homemaker, I cover all of that in my first published book titled (I’m failing at) This Thing Called Home. I still refer to it myself on days my mind needs the reminder that I’m not a failure!

You’re not failing, you’re simply learning. Let’s do this, 2019!

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4 responses to “Simple Shelf Styling”

  1. Mary Leigh says:

    Love these so much! We have lots of shelves that need some work over here!

  2. Bianca says:

    I’m looking forward to more posts this year! A friend lent me her copy of (I’m failing at) This Thing Called Home. So grateful for it! We got struck down with a month (plus a few weeks) of sickness at my house, but I’m hoping to hop back on the wagon of building upon my skills. Have you ever considered doing a podcast? I could use your encouraging words while tackling the house and when overwhelm threatens. Thanks again for your work!

    • Aww. Well, thanks for this. I’m so glad you read it! I have been a guest on many podcasts, but I’m not quite there yet in wanting to start my own but maybe someday. You’re so welcome.

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