(I’m failing at) This Thing Called Home is my first book.

I’m pretty sure I’m the worst person in the world to tell you about it though. Scroll down and read some reviews or pop on over to Amazon and read the book reviews there. Hear it for yourself. The readers tell you everything you need to know and I won’t lie, their sweet words often made me well up with tears. I wish I knew each one so I could thank them. I just wanted every mom who felt like a failure to see a way out so I wrote the book I needed.

What Women Are Saying:

  • When it came to home order, I used to be the wife and mom that said "I can't. What's the point? It is what it is..." Over time I had allowed myself to believe the lie that it just wasn't in my cards to have a neat and tidy home. Brooke changed all of that for me! This Thing Called Home revolutionized my thought process. It not only gave me the courage to dare to think differently, it also gave me practical steps I could take to make that a reality.

    My home is still a work in progress, but I'm no longer believing those lies. I feel empowered to tackle anything and everything that call for my attention.

    I will be buying this as a gift to new brides and new moms!
    Thank you, Brooke, for cheering us on! We are better because of you!

    Jennifer Gray

    Stay-at-Home Mom, Plexus Ambassador, Fort Worth, Texas

  • Where was this book 25 years ago? I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I'd love for my daughter to read this book before she starts managing her household. This is more than a "how to" book; it is practical information interlaced with love and encouragement. Even though I'm over 50, and my family are all grown and have left our home, I have many take-a-ways that I plan to implement immediately. It's a good read especially if you are in need of guidance and encouragement.

    Nancy Becker

    Becker Mastering, Pasadena, California

  • I just LOVED this book "This Thing Called Home". Have you ever felt like you are failing at home? Let’s be honest, we all have. I know many times I have wished there was someone, somewhere who could come alongside me and help me out. Brooke Sailer does exactly that. She has been there, done that and joyfully succeeded (in the midst of plenty of failures—yay!—she’s REAL). And she gives us a book full of tips to get to a place we can honestly and actually enjoy our role at home, with tips such as her “One thing” and “Show and tell”, Starbucks insights, and so much more. An Aha moment for me was the no-excuses “Work from perfect not for perfect” advice. Don’t let that “perfect” word scare you, she explains it, umm, perfectly and shows us there IS a standard you can meet and find joy and fulfillment in the journey of marriage and motherhood. Read on and change your narrative from “I’m failing at this thing called home” to “I’m winning at this thing called home.”

    Victorya Rogers

    Published Author and Speaker, Trophy Club, Texas

  • Reading this book and having the privilege of knowing the author---one of the most genuine people I have ever known---has given me such a new perspective on family life within our home and really encouraged me in the areas I felt less than best.

    I've put into practice some of Brooke's practical suggestions and learned how to define my priorities and standards so I can spend more time loving people in my home and less time working to corral the chaos of life because I take simple steps throughout the day to keep it orderly and peaceful. And don't be intimidated by the lies that you can't have an orderly, peaceful home because you're not that kind of person...listen to the truth found in the pages of this book that says you are capable and that it's worth it.

    Thank you for writing what I needed to hear in this season. It's made all the difference!

    Shannon Brophy

    Stay-at-Home Mom, Keller, Texas

  • Confession: I am not a mom.

    When I got Brooke's book I had an inkling that a lot of it would not apply to me because of this fact. I have always believed that once I'm a mom I would naturally step up my game with my cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the home because I would be responsible for my own tiny humans who would not be able to do it themselves at first.

    I was delighted to find that this book was just what I needed and totally applicable for me even in this season of life. Brooke is speaking my language with her affirmative words of encouragement while also giving me a structure for how to improve my skills. She has taken the illusive and made it attainable for me in a method that allows me to grow and learn at my own pace.

    Kari Schneider

    School teacher, wife, Camp Verde, Arizona

  • I read this book in 2 days straight and many times said aloud, "She's reading my thoughts!" How can managing a home be so challenging?!!?! I was raised in a wonderful home, was successful in school and a long career, "What's wrong with me??" I would ask myself.

    Brooke addressed all of my insecurities and self-loathing head on. She challenges cultural norms and brings the focus back on the home as a place of nurturing, peace and safety. I thought organization and instruction would be the answer but the home is not for rigid schedules and task focused days. Instead, Brooke teaches to master these things so the most important things, the people you share it with, can be tended to, enjoyed and celebrated.

    Thank you for your vulnerability, your hope and encouragement.

    Dana Skelly

    Stay-at-Home Mom, Southlake, Texas

  • I was blown away by how helpful this book is - instead of offering vague platitudes and general home organizing goals, Brooke Sailer offers helpful home management strategies that she actually employs in her own home.

    So many motherhood books paint unrealistic pictures of either a mom who can either do it all with the greatest of ease or a mom who is suffering through her days of servitude with wry humor and a martini in hand.

    This book speaks to you like you're a normal person -- someone with a great desire to make her home peaceful and fun for her family without transforming into a robotic Stepford wife.

    Buy it, you won't be disappointed!

    Amazon Reader

  • My wife and I were both feeling like we were failing at home life, and so when she recommended we both read this book, I agreed.

    It has been life-changing! Full of wisdom, encouragement, and practical steps towards a home of order and peace! I would highly recommend it.

    Amazon Reader, husband