The glass is refillable.

I had a true stop in my tracks moment when I heard this for the first time. “People who wonder if the glass is half empty or half full, miss the point. The glass is refillable.” (source unknown)

How many times have I thought about the world being divided in two: pessimists and optimists? How many times do we cause division and or promote definition when there was another option? But, THIS. This right here stopped me in my tracks and it is everything I believe about the world, about our choices and perspectives.

The glass is refillable. It can change. You’re not stuck, you’re not lost. You’re not failing because your cup is empty. Refill it and begin again.

“If you need permission, I give you full permission (to refill the glass).

If home is chaos.

If home is mess.

If home is overwhelm, heartache, and shame.

If home is despair, discouragement, and disappointment.


Rebuild a new framework.

Rewrite the narrative.

Construct a different layout.

Re-set the space.

Ponder a different theory.

Start completely over, get a new glass.

You have choices.

You have options.

You aren’t as stuck as you think you are, and you are NOT hopeless.

You are just beginning.

Stop and look around.

Everything can go.

Everything can change.

Nothing is subject to fixation or permanence. Permission. To begin or to begin again. Maybe with some realization that some stuff might not be working. It is all ok.

If you have to absolutely scrap everything you have been doing or thinking, then that’s ok too. Sometimes all we need is a little permission to walk away from what isn’t working, from all we know.” (Excerpt from my book “This Thing Called Home”.)

Realizing that you are capable begins with the realization that you have choices and the problems probably have solutions you haven’t even thought of yet. It might be time to grab the pitcher and refill an empty glass or dump a little water out. Change is possible.



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