The Power of With

You know those sweet friends that push you past your limits? Thanks to those kind of friends, I said yes to something new and big this past week.

Dear friends Pastor Dennis and Mia Lamar of The Bridge Church in Pasadena, CA invited me to teach during their month long series “She Speaks Truth”.

While I feel fairly comfortable teaching to an all women audience, this was my first time to teach to a mixed crowd on a Sunday morning. I caught myself a couple of times wanting to greet the “ladies”. What a fun and lively group. Most of my crazy jokes even went over pretty well. Ha!

I start off by posing the very provocative question, “What decision did Adam make to come alive?” You could hear a pin drop in the room.

Several weeks ago I heard Bob Hamp of Think Differently Counseling Center in Grapevine, Texas teach on this topic and I mulled over that crazy question for weeks. So fascinating, right?

I talk about the Apostle Paul in prison at the end of his life and unpack 2Timothy’s verse “But God stood with me and gave me strength…” and what that little four letter word “with” means for us in our everyday lives.

Whether you’re a discouraged mom with a full plate, a pastor juggling a hundred tasks, a businessman, a homemaker, or anything in between…what would it look like for you to do life with Christ? Good news is– all He ever wanted was to do life with you.

Click below and listen:

“The Power of With”

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