Walmart Weekend

I’ve been plotting and, no, it’s not to take over the world (we’ll leave that for another day HA!). I’ve been researching and planning to share with you my favorite Walmart fashion finds this weekend. And while the rest of the world is a little preoccupied with the Nordstrom sale, I’ll be over here sharing my favorite Walmart fashion…styles that won’t break the bank.

Let’s hang on to summer a little longer with two trends that aren’t going anywhere. First off, I’m showing ya a multicolored look and secondly, a black and white combo that’s timeless.

My favorite cute + comfy dress

Walmart fashion is easy. Ran out of milk? Low on cleaning supplies? Grab it on your way to try on the perfect Time and Tru t-shirt dress. Here’s what I love about dresses. You literally do not have to think! No wondering if these shorts go with that shirt or if I need a different pant for that kind of jacket. Ah, I have decision fatigue just thinking about it all. And for this mom-brain, I need an outfit I can throw on and not worry one bit. I first tried this dress on in the fitting room and immediately ran back to grab it in all the colors. Yes, all. I came home with black, blue, fuchsia, and army green. As if that wasn’t easy enough, I snagged these yellow platforms in yellow and black online so each dress has it’s own shoe option. What a win!

But to keep our lives uncomplicated, I’m showing you a multicolored look and a neutral one with gobs of accessories.

FYI, the Time and Tru t-shirt dress runs true to size and is priced at $12.44. With that killer price, now you know why I didn’t hesitate to buy four. Plus, isn’t a dress just perfect for hot summer days, traveling, running errands or a transition to fall? Mmmhmm. I thought so too.

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